Pokemon Emerald Enhanced All Change Log

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• Game Name: Pokemon Emerald Enhanced 
• Creator: Ryuhouji
• Type: GBA
• Hack Off: Emerald
• Language: English
• Version: v10.010
• Last Updated: January 16, 2024



CHANGE LOG v10.010

  • Added Wild auto-battle. Press L+R in battle to enable, hold B to disable.
Note that there are some visual bugs associated with this, such as text changing colors, text appearing in strange places on screen, etc.
  • The lottery will no longer reward EXP Share.

CHANGE LOG v10.008

• Fixed the companion missing error in title defense. This was a game breaking bug if you didn't have a follower with you.

CHANGE LOG v10.007

• Greatly improved beta menu usability by giving verbose descriptions of each option.
• Added the "Reset cutscene vars" option to the beta menu which should fix some broken cutscenes (or being stuck in one)

CHANGE LOG v10.006

• Fixed Water Bubble not preventing burns.
• Fixed Player Dawn's respawn location not being properly set in the intro.

CHANGE LOG v10.005

• Fixed errant follower dialogue in contest hall
• Fixed sequence break in the Nurse's quest
• Fixed sequence break in Leaf's quest (probably)

CHANGE LOG v10.004

• Fixed invalid companion states related to the join up command in the companion menu.
• Fixed GCMS allowing you to put eggs in. This was never intended to be possible.

CHANGE LOG v10.003

• Fixed genesect's mechanic staying longer than it should.
• Fixed genesect disappearing if the player loses.

CHANGE LOG v10.002

• Dawn no longer has the power of jesus when she's following you.
(If you have Dawn following you when you update to this version, you will need to dismiss and re-add her for the change to take effect!)

CHANGE LOG v10.001

• Fixed exp sometimes being reduced to very low numbers.
• Fixed an issue with marts.

CHANGE LOG v10.000

**New Abilities**

Added 2 new abilities: Lunatic and Twilight Rush.
• Lunatic boosts Attack by 50% during Eclipse, but you can only use attacking moves when it's active.
• Twilight Rush doubles Speed during Eclipse.
Lunatic users: Primeape, Feraligatr, Scrafty.
Twilight Rush users: Vileplume, Houndoom, Decidueye.

**Other Changes**

• Changed the starter lineup.
• All recruitable companions can now swim with the player. Temporary/event followers cannot swim and you will still be blocked like it used to be.
• Your respawn location will now be set to the starting location you choose.
• Challenge Mode (the basic challenge mode) has been removed.

**Balance Changes**

• Buffed Vileplume, Houndoom, Decidueye, Primeape, Krookodile, Scrafty.
• Slightly buffed Dragon Claw and Dragon Rush to provide alternatives to Outrage.

**Bug Fixes**

• Fixed May not giving you the daily berry reward if you had her best end.
• Fixed some instances of Courtney being yeeted to the void unintentionally.


• Buffed Poliwrath.
• Renamed "Disarming Vo" To "Disarm Voice".
• Fixed Cling Showing The Wrong Name At The End Of The Turn.


• Removed Travel Type Daily Quests From The Rotation Of Each Faction.
• Fixed The Bad End Overriding The Worst End For Lucy.
• Fixed Some Issues With Text.
• Statassist Item Will Now Show Contest Stats.
• Fixed Companion Fights Not Being Optional In The Elite Four/champion.


• Potentially Permanently Fixed Magnetosphere From Staying Active When It Shouldn't.


• Fixed Starter Only Showing Ability Message When It's A Boss.
• Fixed Lucy's Worst Ending Being Unreachable.


• Removed Summer 2023 Event.
• Completely New List Of Starters Now Available.
• Starters Can Now Be Bosses, And Are Bosses At The Same Rate As Static Legendaries.
• The New Starter Info Box Will Tell You Immediately If Your Starter Is A Boss.
• The New Starter Info Box Will Now Also Tell You The Ability As Well As Nature And Gender.
• Replaced Sets In The Battle Frontier For Raticate.
• Buffed Shiftry.
• Tweaked Companion Teams.
• Tweaked Raticate.
• Fixed The Nido Abilities In Frontier Sets.


• Summer 2023 Event Mons Added. Visit The Stranger In Little Root.
• Fixed Leave No Stone Unturned Achievement.
• Made Some Minor Text Adjustments For Some Berry Messages.


• Reverted The Change To Time Based Evos That Made Night And Day Easier To Do (This Was Also Overriding Dawn And Dusk).
• Fixed Rival Disappearing From Lavaridge Before Giving You Their Gift Pokemon.
• Actually Updated The Version Number.


• Actually Award Lucy's Achievement, Serpentine Upon Completion Of Quest.
• Officially Fix Followers Freezing The Game.


• Fixed Being Unable To Finish The Magma Quest With Courtney Where Surfing Is Required
• Fixed Magnetosphere Not Properly Disabling After Lusamine Is Defeated
• Arceus And The Four Horsemen Will No Longer Be Affected By Status Effects Caused By Moves (E.g. Zap Cannon)
• Arceus And The Four Horsemen Will No Longer Be Affected By Moves That Switch Items.
• Arceus And The Four Horsemen Will No Longer Suffer Recoil Damage From Rocky Helmet Or Similar Abilities.
• Companions Now Have Fully Customized Sets Including Ability, Held Item, And Moves For Each Pokemon In Their Pool. 
Companions Should Now Be Much More Useful In Battle With This Change In Addition To Their Other Mechanics.


• Fixed Minnie In The Trainer's School
• Fixed Shelly Spawning The Wrong Sprite (And Thus Creating A Follower Error Condition) In Magma Hideout
• Adjusted The Update Check Message In Main Menu
• Fixed The Quest Log Misbehaving During Aqua.
• Fixed Several Instances Of Autofill Errors. (I'm Sure These Will All Be Fixed Evenetually!)


• Fixed Lucy's Dismiss Script.
• Fixed Harem Ends Requiring Rival.
• Fixed An Autofill Failure For Lanette.
• Fixed "Fill Dex From Boxes" Option In Beta Menu. Will Now Tell You How Many Missing Pages Were Added. Note That Gothita Line Is Not In Ee's Standard Dex, And Therefore Will Result In Pages For Chespin Line Being Added. 
• Added Achievement For Lucy's Quest. 
• Added Lucy To The Harem And Advanced Harem Ends.
• Added A Lucy Check To The Antiharem End.


• Added New Battle Art For Lanette, Minnie, Brendan, Lucy And Shelly.
• Adjusted Battle Art For Steven.
• Added New Overworld Art For Courtney, Shelly, And Minnie.
• Added New Scenebg For Leaf, Lucy, Mom, And Lanette.
• Added Lucy's Companion/recruitment Quest
• Expanded Lavaridge.
• Made Some Minor Adjustments To Leaf's Dialogue.
• Updated The Credits With Donors And New Artists.
• Fixed Minnie's Scene At The Pokemon School.
• Scouter Ap Will Now Work On Static Legendaries As Intended.
• Added A Dialogue To Adjust Mining Harvest Level To The Mining Master. (You Can Still Use The Alchemy Book If You Have It.)
• Mewtwo Will No Longer Autofill, And Will Always Have The Same Party.
• Special Multi Battles In The Magma Hideout Will No Longer Have Autofill Issues.
• Fixed Vivi's Autofill Issues.
• Gave Norman The Rat.
• All Trainers Will Now Have Their Ev's Auto Scaled. 
• All Trainers Already Had Auto Scaled IV's But It Is More Accurate Now.
• Fixed Rival Brendan Freezing The Game At The End Of The Battle On 103.
• Fixed An Oversight In The Arceus Fight.