Pokemon Fire Ash (v3.5.1) Rpgxp Fangame

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Pokemon Fire Ash

Latest Version: v3.5.1

Updated On: January 06, 2024

Pokemon Fire Ash (v3.5) Rpgxp Fangame


  • Name: Pokemon Fire Ash
  • Creator: Reinhartmax
  • Type: Rpgxp
  • Language: English
  • Credits: Link!!

Pokemon Fire Ash Is An Rpgxp Fan Game Made By Reinhartmax. It Was Available To Download In English Language. It Was Last Updated On January 06, 2023.

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Which Emulator To Use?

For Mobile: Use JoiPlay Emulator With Required Plugins
For PC: PC Doesn't Required Any Emulator Just Run The File.

How To Play?

Follow The Following Steps To Play This Game
1. First Download The Game.
2. Extract the Game File Inside your Internal Storage.
[Note - Game Will Not Work If You Will Extract The Game File In External Sd Card Or Memory Card]
3.Download And Install JoiPlay Emulator.
[Note - JoiPlay Emulator Is Available On Google Play Store]
4. Download and Install the RPG Maker Plugin For JoiPlay.
[Note - Plugin's Are Also Available On Google Play Store Specially For JoiPlay By the Same Company]
5. After Downloading All Above Mentioned Stuff, Open The JoiPlay Emulator And Click On the Plus [+] Button on the Bottom Right Of The Emulator. Fill up the Details, the Only Entry that Actually Matters is “Executable”. Select the Game.exe File in the Main Game's Folder.
6. Long Press the Icon, and Click Decrypt Files. Follow Instructions Then Restart the App.
7. Press the Game's Icon you Just Made.
All Set Enjoy The Game.

[My Recommendation If You Don't Understand The Above Steps == Watch A Video On How To Play Fan Game Or Rpgxp Game In JoiPlay Emulator On YouTube]


The Story Of The Game Is Same As The Story Of Ash Ketchum From Generation 1 To 8 With All The Events, Companion, Battles, Championship & Everything That Is Done By Ash Ketchum You Have To Do The Same. The Game Has All Phenomenon Till Generation 8. The Game Also Has Orange Islands & Battle Frontier.


  • Ash's Story From Gen 1 To 8.
  • All Characters Which Was Seen In The Journey Of The Ash Ketchum.
  • National Dex With Upto 900+ Pokemon From Gen 1 To 8.
  • Explore Every Region Including Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola & Galar.
  • Beat Over 50+ Gym Leaders.
  • Mega Evolution.
  • Hisuian Forms.
  • Dynamax & Gigantamax.
  • Z Moves.
  • Ash Greninja.
  • Alolan & Galarian Forms.
  • Primal Forms.
  • Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma & Other Evil Team You Have Seen In The Journey Of Ash.
  • Pikachu Will Travel By Sitting On The Top Of You Like In Anime.
  • A Huge Variety Of Items Upto Gen 8.
  • 100+ TMs Moves To Teach Your Pokemon.


  • Certain save files not being able to save in the previous version of 3.5.
  • Fixed berries not being obtainable in certain maps.
  • Fixed some missing collisions in Wyndon.
  • Corrected Game Corner prices in the Alolan Game Corner.

  • Added reward for completing the national dex
  • Added the Grandeur Club, which can be accessed by a separate teleporter upstairs in Oak's Lab
  • Added the ability to rematch the Kanto League in the post game
  • Added Wonder Trade to Pokémon Centers
  • Fixed Hawlucha appearing too early in Oak's Lab
  • Fixed Hoopa not being able to to be obtained
  • Fixed Fly still being disabled when talking to the girl outside Mt. Coronet on Route 207
  • Fixed not being able to purchase items in the Veilstone Game Corner
  • Nerfed the Brilliant Judge
  • Fixed Kantonian Exeggutor and Sandslash spawning in Aether Paradise and Mount Lanakila Cave respectively; their Alolan forms now spawn in the respective areas
  • Blue Shellos spawns in Route 210 again
  • Fixed stats not updating after using a Hyper Trainer (to fix your Pokémon talk to the guy next to the Hyper Trainer)
  • Fixed Low Key Toxtricity not being obtainable
  • Fixed Safari Zone Galar being open too early
  • Fixed Olivia's Lycanroc not being in its Midday Form sometimes
  • Fixed Being able to go up a cliff face on Route 7 in Galar
  • Fixed Milcery crashing the game
  • If the player's team hasn't been restored or Fly isn't working as intended, they can white out to fix it
  • Fixed the Galar Dex not working as intended for old save files; fix by going upstairs in Oak's lab
  • Fixed Zephyr Badge not showing up properly on the Trainer Card; fix by going upstairs in Oak's lab
  • Fixed Ability Capsules only working after a Pokémon evolves
  • Issues fixed from initial version of 3.5.
  • Kanto legendaries respawn (if they weren't caught before) if you beat the Kanto League in the post game.
  • Updated battle backgrounds.
  • Updated art for the game which include but not limited to update sprites for existing characters , updated sprites for both ash and "leaf", New move animations
  • A quick save button (Q button, or use f1 to know which button)

All Official Change Log. 


Download Links


(Previous Version v3.5)

• Pokemon Fire Ash Walkthrough: Download 

Previous Versions: Link!


Pokemon Fire Ash (v3.5) Rpgxp Fangame

Pokemon Fire Ash (v3.5) Rpgxp Fangame

Pokemon Fire Ash (v3.5) Rpgxp Fangame

Pokemon Fire Ash (v3.5) Rpgxp Fangame

Pokemon Fire Ash (v3.5) Rpgxp Fangame

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