Pokemon Anil (v2.07) English Download

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Pokemon Anil

Latest Version: v2.07

Updated On: January 11, 2024

Pokemon Anil English Version Download


  • Name: Pokemon Anil
  • Creator: EricLostie
  • Translated By: Raizen
  • Type: Rpgxp
  • Language: Spanish
  • Source: Link!

Pokemon Anil Is An Rpgxp Fan Game Made By EricLostie. It Was Available To Download In Spanish Language. It Was Last Updated On January 11, 2024.

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Which Emulator To Use?

For Mobile: Use JoiPlay Emulator With Required Plugins
For PC: PC Doesn't Required Any Emulator Just Run The File.

How To Play?

Follow The Following Steps To Play This Game
1. First Download The Game.
2. Extract the Game File Inside your Internal Storage.
[Note - Game Will Not Work If You Will Extract The Game File In External Sd Card Or Memory Card]
3.Download And Install JoiPlay Emulator.
[Note - JoiPlay Emulator Is Available On Google Play Store]
4. Download and Install the RPG Maker Plugin For JoiPlay.
[Note - Plugin's Are Also Available On Google Play Store Specially For JoiPlay By the Same Company]
5. After Downloading All Above Mentioned Stuff, Open The JoiPlay Emulator And Click On the Plus [+] Button on the Bottom Right Of The Emulator. Fill up the Details, the Only Entry that Actually Matters is “Executable”. Select the Game.exe File in the Main Game's Folder.
6. Long Press the Icon, and Click Decrypt Files. Follow Instructions Then Restart the App.
7. Press the Game's Icon you Just Made.
All Set Enjoy The Game.

[My Recommendation If You Don't Understand The Above Steps - Watch A Video On How To Play Fan Game Or Rpgxp Game In JoiPlay Emulator On YouTube]


Kanto Story Returns, But This Time From A Never Before Seen Perspective With A Much Deeper Story And Improved Graphics.


  • All Pokemon Upto Gen 9.
  • Hisuian Forms.
  • Galarian Forms.
  • Alolan Forms.
  • Mega Evolution.
  • Hoenn Characters & Gym Leaders.
  • Ash, Cynthia, Steven & Many More Characters.
  • All Starters Are Catchable.
  • 3 Game Modes.
  • Team Rocket.
  • New Characters.
  • Following Pokemon.
  • 8 Gym Battles Are Available.
  • Beat Pokemon League.
  • Post Game Available.
  • Lots Of Legendary Hunt.
  • Improved & Extended Story.
  • Animated Pokemon Sprites.
  • New Mechnacis.
  • MKXP-Z Implemented.
  • 5th Generation Graphics.


  • Fixed Meltan and Kubfu (they did not evolve). Kubfu only evolves into his sinister form (I'm not going to include the 481516 alternate forms of the 2342 legendaries).
  • Added the mega evolutions of Alcremie and Abomasnow (no one had remembered the latter).
  • QoL: The remember movement screen no longer closes after remembering a movement.
  • QoL: Now you can give multiple Proteins, Calciums, Irons, etc. at the same time.
  • The AI ​​should no longer try to do Final Flame or Electropalms in random mode.
  • Fixed a bug where you could chain Protection with Bunker, Thorny Barrier, Royal Shield, etc. and even use some of these moves infinitely.
  • Minor fixes to many movements.
  • Fixed a bug where some MTs were replaced by the Spicy Ramen item.
  • A solution has been implemented in the game folder for those who cannot start the game because their PC is in another language.

  • Bunker movement has been fixed.
  • Fixed Chatter movement.
  • Fixed a bug interaction with Tripledive.
  • Fixed a certain bug that prevented you from entering the game due to something Title: Name Error.

This update adds:
  • Random Mode.
  • Tower Battle and revenge with the leaders.
  • New Pokรฉmon, moves and abilities.
  • Numerous new QoLs.
  • Correction of many bugs.


[v2.07 Spanish Language Only ๐Ÿ‘‡]

 Mediafire  ||  Mega 

(v1.12 In English & Spanish Language ๐Ÿ‘‡)


[Only Spanish Language (v1.12)๐Ÿ‘‡]

 Mediafire    Mega 


Pokemon Anil English Version Download

Pokemon Anil English Version Download

Pokemon Anil English Version Download
Pokemon Anil English Version Download

Pokemon Anil English Version Download

Pokemon Anil English Version Download


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