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Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

Latest Version: v10.010

Updated On: January 16, 2024

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• Name: Pokemon Emerald Enhanced
• Creator: Ryuhouji
• Type: GBA
• Hack Off: Emerald
• Language: English
• Status: Completed
• Source: Link!!

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Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Is A GBA Rom Hack Of Pokemon Emerald. It Was Made By Ryuhouji. It Was Available To Download In English Language. It Was Last Updated On January 16, 2024.

How To Play?

Follow The Following Steps To Play This Game.
1. First Download The Rom File From This Page.
2. Then Download A GBA Emulator.
3. After That Open The Emulator And Click On The Game File [.zip Or .gba File] That You Have Downloaded In The Specific Folder.
4. At Last Enjoy Playing The Game. 

Which Emulator To Use?

For Mobile: Use My Boy Or John GBA.
For PC: Use mGBA Or Visual Boy Advance.



• A Total Of 684 Pokemon To Catch & Train.
• Pokemon From Gen 1 To 7.
• Choose From 7 Different Starters.
• Battle With Trainers Like Lance, Dawn & Giovanni In The Game.
• Open World.
• Mega Evolution.
• Dexnav.
• Following Pokemon.
• Ultrabeasts.
• Pokeball Changer.
• Physical/special Split.
• Decapitalization.
• Autoscaling Trainers & Wild Encounters.
• Theme Selector/editor: Customize The Game's Interface To Your Heart's Content.
• Special Challenge Called Ryu's Challenge.
• Prestige Mode: Every Time You Become Champion And Then Start A New Game, Your Level Cap Goes Up By 25, To A Max Of 250.
• 6 Different Modes Including Normal, Easy Challenge, Nuzlocke, Hardcore & Frontier Mode.
• Boss Wild Encounters.
• Nature Changing.
• Real Estate And Bank.
• Kingpin Wild Encounters.
• Iv Perfecting.
• Custom Achivement System.
• Factions.
• Re-fighting The Elite Four.
• 3 Life Skills Including Mining, Botany & Alchemy.
• The Player Performs Hm Functions Without Any Badges Or Items. You Can Just Swim, Or Pull Out A Tree, Or Smash A Rock, Or Whatever.
• Persistent Weather. When A Weather Move Is Used In Battle, The Weather Will Persist In The Overworld Until A Map Change Takes Place. Great For Weather Teams.
• Completely Custom Jukebox. Use L + R In The Start Menu To Activate, R To Skip Tracks Sequentially. The Currently Playing Track Number Is Displayed In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen When The Start Menu Is Open.
• Remote Access To The Pc Available When You Complete A Certain Quest.
• Exp Drive Item That Stores Some Exp Earned In Battle To Be Given To A Specific Mon Later Or Toggle Earning Exp In Battle.
• Imprinter Item, Which Works Similarly To The Ev Reduce Berries. The Consumable Imprints You Get Reduce Evs To Zero, Rather Than Increments Of 10.
• Waystone Item, Which Replaces The Hm Fly Functionality. The Waystone Gives You More Locations You Can Teleport To, Including Each Of The 7 Frontier Facilities.
• The Entire Frontier Has Been Overhauled To Include Many New Generation Pokemon And Strategies. Your Skill Will Be Challenged Greatly.
• Contests Now Reward Items From Tables Upon Winning, Rather Than Giving The Same Thing Over And Over Again. Currently It's Just Balls, But This Will Be Changed In The Future.

Visit Creator's Official Thread To Understand New Features In Detail.

  • Added Wild auto-battle. Press L+R in battle to enable, hold B to disable.
Note that there are some visual bugs associated with this, such as text changing colors, text appearing in strange places on screen, etc.
  • The lottery will no longer reward EXP Share.

Change Log v10.009
Note that I only adjusted the curve slightly, The game was always meant to be challenging!
You might find it to be too easy now if you're a seasoned pokemon player.
  • Reduced the steep level curve of the lowest autoscale range. 
  • Lanette will now prioritize the genesect quest when you talk to her on the ground level of her house.

CHANGE LOG v10.008

• Fixed the companion missing error in title defense. This was a game breaking bug if you didn't have a follower with you.

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Pokemon Emerald Enhanced - PokeSharing

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced - PokeSharing

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced - PokeSharing

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced - PokeSharing

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced - PokeSharing

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced - PokeSharing

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced - PokeSharing

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced - PokeSharing

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