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Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Latest Version: v6.0.4

Updated On: December 16, 2023

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

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• Name: Pokemon Infinite Fusion
• Creator: Schrroms
• Type: Rpgxp
• Language: English
• Source: Link!




Pokemon Infinite Fusion Is An Rpgxp Fan Game Made By Schrroms. It Was Available To Download In English Language. It Was Last Updated On December 16, 2023.

Which Emulator To Use?

For Mobile: Use JoiPlay Emulator With Required Plugins
For PC: PC Doesn't Required Any Emulator Just Run The File.

How To Play?

Follow The Following Steps To Play This Game
1. First Download The Game.
2. Extract the Game File Inside your Internal Storage.
[Note - Game Will Not Work If You Will Extract The Game File In External Sd Card Or Memory Card]
3.Download And Install JoiPlay Emulator.
[Note - JoiPlay Emulator Is Available On Google Play Store]
4. Download and Install the RPG Maker Plugin For JoiPlay.
[Note - Plugin's Are Also Available On Google Play Store Specially For JoiPlay By the Same Company]
5. After Downloading All Above Mentioned Stuff, Open The JoiPlay Emulator And Click On the Plus [+] Button on the Bottom Right Of The Emulator. Fill up the Details, the Only Entry that Actually Matters is “Executable”. Select the Game.exe File in the Main Game's Folder.
6. Long Press the Icon, and Click Decrypt Files. Follow Instructions Then Restart the App.
7. Press the Game's Icon you Just Made.
All Set Enjoy The Game.

[My Recommendation If You Don't Understand The Above Steps == Watch A Video On How To Play Fan Game Or Rpgxp Game In JoiPlay Emulator On YouTube]



Silph Co. created an item that can fuse any two Pokémon together and they're selling it in every PokéMart! But Team Rocket might be planning a more sinister way to use this technology...
The game is closer to a romhack in spirit than to your typical Essentials game in a way. There is, admittedly, not a huge focus on plot. It's pretty much "Pokémon Red, but with fusions". Collect 8 gym badges, defeat Team Rocket and beat the Elite 4.



• Pokemon Fusion: Every Pokémon can be fused with any other Pokémon. Each combination has a unique sprite, stats, movepool, pokedex entry, and everything else you could expect from a Pokémon.
• 176 400 possible combinations: This allows you to get truly creative and have your own, truly unique team every playthrough.
• Every Pokémon from generations 1 and 2, with their evolutions, as well as 101 Pokémon from generations 3 to 7
• Over 20,000 custom sprites handcrafted by the community.
• 16 Badges Fight all 16 Gym Leaders from the Kanto and Johto regions
• Full Kanto region with extra areas and gen 4-5 inspired graphics
• Johto postgame Continue your journey into the Johto region 3 years before the events of Gold and Silver.
• Sevii Islands postgame Explore the Sevii Islands and find some exotic Pokémon
• Legendary Pokémon 25 Legendary Pokémon to track down and catch
• Nicknaming Pokémon directly from the menu
• Over 40 Sidequests
• Rematch or trade with NPCs after battling them Rematched NPCs become stronger each time and can eventually evolve their Pokémon.
• Fairy type
• WonderTrade simulator
• Faster Day/Night system
• Battle Facilities: Take part in the Battle Factory, the Triple Battle lounge, and more!
• Integrated speed up button
• Classic mode or Random mode
• Reversed mode:Special gamemode that flips every trainer fusions
• And a lot more!


• Added 41 New Pokemon (46 Including Forms).
• Fusion Data Is Now Calculated Dynamically.
• Added New Post-game Questline For Necrozma
• Completely Remade The Sealed Chamber Maps And Added New Puzzles For The Regi Trio.
• Added Hidden Pokemon Nests That Can Found In Specific Areas.
• Added Several New Quests And Events Related To The New Pokemon.
• Added New Regi Triple Fusion.

Full Changelog v6.0


New Features And Changes

• Made If Possible To Use The Side Arrows To Scroll Faster In Pokedex And Long Lists.
• Added Overworld Shadows For Player And Npcs.
• Added Water Animation For Surfing An Puddles.
• Added Small Animation After Defeating Mt. Silver Boss.
• Increased The Number Of Points For Box Link To 5000.


• Fixed A Bug Causing Screen Effects To Linger After Losing To Mt. Silver Boss.
• Fixed Lag In Sinnoh Trio Portals.
• Fixed Trainers Not Using Fused Pokémon On Kin Island's Pokemon Club.
• Fixed An Issue Causing Autogenerated Sprites To Not Download Properly.

CHANGE LOG v5.3.0.5

New Features And Changes

• Updated Most Base Pokemon Sprites For Custom-made Sprites
• Added Pokemon Box Link Item To Access Pc From Anywhere (With Some Restrictions)    
• Pokémon Are No Longer Healed From The Pc
• Added Pokémon Fusion Quiz Minigame In Goldenrod Radio Tower    
• Added Option To Sort Bag Items
• Capture Rate Of Fused Pokemon Now Uses The Lowest Instead Of Averaging The Values    
• Removed Mega Typings For Double Fusions
• Spriters Can Now Be Challenged To A Fight In Art Gallery    
• Base Stat Mode Levels Are Now Based On The Number Of Gym Badges

Game Progression Changes

• Small Changes To Cinnabar Story Cutscene    
• Moved Jasmine Gym Leader Fight To Kin Island    
• Chrono Island Section Is Now Completely Optional
• No Longer Possible To Capture The Pokémon On Top Of Mt. Silver. After It Is Defeated,  It Unfuses And You Can Find The Pokemon It Was Made Of Elsewhere   

Bug Fixes

• Fixed Issue Causing The Game To Get Stuck In Ecruteak Tower    
• Fixed Possible Crash When Reviving Fossils In Pewter City    
• Fixed Fusion Icons Bug When Multiple Pokemon Of The Same Species Are Displayed At Once (Thanks Jodiark And Kurayamiblackheart )    
• Fixed Issue With Static And Magnet Pull Abilities (Thanks Sylviblossom)        
• Fixed Glitch Preventing To Obtain Johto Triple Fusions After Obtaining The Hoenn Triple Fusions
• Fixed Issue Preventing The Game To Start When A Savefile Is Corrupt
• Fixed Issue Preventing To Download Base Pokémon Alt Sprites
• Various Overworld Map Fixes
[] Fixed Several Missing Sound Effects


New Features And Changes.

• Spriter Names Are Now Displayed On Fusion Screen And In Pokedex
• Added Art Gallery Building In Goldenrod City Which Features Sprites From A Random Spriter Daily
• Added A New Cutscene Before Celadon City Sewers
• Changed The Order Of Some Events On Mt. Silver


• Fixed Some Problems With Controls In Battles
• Fixed Bug Causing Pokemon To Lose Their Hidden Ability After Evolving Into A Pokemon That Has A Different Hidden Ability
• Fixed Ability Capsules

Change Log v5.1.2.4


• Added option to automatically download missing custom and autogen sprites at runtime (requires internet connection)
• Added Battle Tower
• Added new NPC selling evolution items in Battle Factory
• Added Eviolite to Battle Factory/Tower prizes list
• Replaced Eviolite with Reaper Cloth in Lavender Hidden Tomb
• Added new loading screen (Thanks Ceryn/Rhys)
• Added experimental game mode in which levels don't affect stats
• Removed the dive spot on route 21
• Improved male character's walk / run animation.


• Fixed bug that made it possible to surf on land in certain areas
• Fixed bug that made it possible for rival to follow you outside of Silph Co
• Fixed exploit that made it possible to get all quest rewards early
• Ghosts in Ecruteak tower now teleport away after pushing the player to prevent getting stuck
• Fixed some tiling issues.
• Fixed the quiz answers  in Goldenrod Gym


The story doesn't end after you collect 8 badges and defeat the Elite 4! Here is some of the postgame content that this game offers.
• 8 new badges to collect in the Johto region and the Sevii Islands, with new cities to explore, sidequests and puzzles.
• 25 legendary Pokémon to track down
• Rematch all 16 gym leaders to unlock the Super Elite 4 and the Engame Challenge Mode.
• A special challenger on top of Mt. Silver.



Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion


  1. The Pokémon Infinite Fusion Pokédex revolutionizes creativity, offering an astonishing 400 quintillion fusion possibilities. From classic combos to competitive powerhouses, the potential is boundless. With examples like Charmantle and Blaistoise showcasing the innovation, the future promises even more with potential expansions like regional variants and Dynamax support. Exciting times for Pokémon enthusiasts!

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