Pokemon Scarlet and Violet GBA

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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet GBA 

Latest Version: Indigo Update

Updated On: July 05, 2023

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet GBA - PokeSharing




• Name: Pokemon Scarlet And Violet GBA
• Creator: Team Solga
• Type: GBA
• Hack Off: Fire Red
• Status: Completed
• Language: Italian [Attacks In English]

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet GBA Is A Completed GBA Rom Hack Of Pokemon Fire Red Made By Team Solga. It Was Available To Download In Spanish Language. It Was Last Updated On March 04, 2023.

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• Play As Liko.
• Gen 1 To 9 Pokemon.
• Paradox Pokemons.
• Gen 9 Starters [Fuecoco, Quaxly, Sprigatito].
• New Characters, Rivals & Trainers.
• Gen 9 Legendary Koraidon And Meraidon.
• Hisuian Forms.
• New Gym Leaders.
• All New Pokemon.
• New Character. 
• New Maps and Routes.
• Teracrystal Pokemons. 
• Brand New Pokemons.
• Many More !!

What's New In Indigo Update

• Added Liko's Character.

New Pokemon Added

• Terapagos
• Flittle
• Maschiff
• Rellor 
• Annihilape
• Gimmighoul
• Fezndipiti

What's New In Latest Version March 04, 2023

• Added New Paradox Pokemon Called 'WalkingWak'.
• Som Bug Fixes.

What's New In Final Beta

In This Update You Will Find New Pokemon And A Great Addition To The Character History

• Added New Characters 
- Violet 
- Nemona 
• Added New Pokemons 
- Tarountula
- Lokix
- Wattrel
- Frigibax
- Wugtrio
- Orthworm
- Finizen
- Dolliv
- Spidops
- Glimmora
- ScreamTail
- GreatTusk
- FluterMane
- BruteBonet 
- SandyShock
- RoaringMon

Change Log Beta 1.9 

By Creator 
• We decided to create this "special" update because the realization of the full game is really long and we would like to do it in the best possible way. 
• So we decided to release 9 Pokémon in this version and the rest in the Final Beta, where the story will also end. 
• This is Beta 1.9 (D.L.C) because it sees the release of "Stormy Sea" the Paradox version of Suicune seen in the Scarlet book. The design is based on the original but obviously has changes based on our personal taste. 
• Here are the Pokémon that have been added in this beta: - Floragato, Meowscarada, Crocalor, Skeledirge, Quaxwell, Quaquaval, Charcadet, Flamigo and the Original Pokémon "Stormy Sea". 
• In addition, we have improved Koraidon's front sprite. We care about the beauty of this Pokémon because it will be the one who will accompany you. 
• That said, please bear with us for the final beta. It will arrive on a date to be defined. In the meantime, have fun with the version of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 1.9 (D.L.C)!



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet GBA - PokeSharing

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet GBA - PokeSharing

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet GBA - PokeSharing


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