Pokemon Ultralite (Rpgxp) Fan Game

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Pokemon Ultralite

Latest Version: v1.0.13

Updated On: December 20, 2023

Pokemon Ultralite


• Name: Pokemon Ultralite
• Creator: KennyCatches
• Type: Rpgxp
• Status: Incomplete
• Language: English

Pokemon Ultralite Is An Rpgxp Fan Game Made By KennyCatches. It Was Available To Download In English Language. It Was Last Updated On December 20, 2023.

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Prepare To Be Whisked Away Into A Mesmerizing Realm Of Mystery And Mayhem In "Ultralite", A Prequel To Pokemon Sun & Moon Which Takes Place 300 Years Back!

In This Captivating Roguelite Adventure, You'll Dive Into The Shoes Of An Ultra Recon Squad Rookie Who's Just Joined The Newly Formed "Lite Squad." As Violent Ultra Beasts Have Been On The Rise, This Squad Has Their Sights On Restoring The Peace In Ultra Space By Navigating Through Its Diverse Dimensions And Overcoming Their Perils.

Get Ready For An Infinitely Replayable Experience, With Story Seeds Rooted Both Linearly And Embedded Within The Environment, Which When Pieced Together, Unveil The Truth Lurking Beneath The Neon-soaked Surface.



• Replayable Runs.
• 2 New Starter Lines.
• 4 Ultra Dimensions.
• 10+ Ultra Beast Bosses.
• 500+ Available Pokemon.
• 120+ Support Pokemon.
• 100+ Unique Battles.
• 30+ Artifacts.
• Quest System.
• And Much More.



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Pokemon Ultralite


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