Pokemon Pathways (Alpha v8.5.1) (Rpgxp Fangame) Download

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Pokemon Pathways

Latest Version: Alpha v8.5.1

Updated On: January 07, 2024

Pokemon Pathways (Rpgxp Fangame) Download


• Name: Pokemon Pathways
• Creator: Grayhatred
• Type: Rpgxp
• Status: InComplete
• Language: English

Pokemon Pathways Is A Rpgxp Fan Game Made By Grayhatred. It Was Available To Download In English Language. It Was Last Updated On January 07, 2024.

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• Mega Evolution.
• Gigantamax.
• All Characters Including Cynthia, Steven, May, Brenden, Red, Brock & Many More.
• Player's Choice:
A Majority Of In Game Outcomes Are Solely Dependent On Your Choices Alone. What You Say, Do And Decide Will Dictate Your Future, Just Like Real Life.
• Character Stats:
Stats Such As Intelligence, Strength, Charm And Skill Are All Calculated Based On Your Choices In Game. These Stats Also Determine What You As An Individual Are Capable Of. Make A Choice, And You'll See One Of These Stats Effected.
1. Intelligence :- Determines How Smart The Player Is. It Is Needed To Ascend To Higher Rank Classes And Discover The Unknown.
2. Strength :- Determines How Physically Strong The Player Is. It Is Needed To Move, Make Or Break Objects!
3. Charm :- Determines How Attractive The Player Is. It Is Needed To Increase Success When Flirting And To Encounter Legendary Pokemon!
4. Skill :- Determines The Player's Abilities As A Pokemon Trainer. It Is Needed To Unlock More Wild Pokemon And Trainers To Battle!
5. Energy:
A Character Stat That Determines How Many Actions You Are Able To Do In A Day. Various Activities Will Consume Your Energy.
You Will Be Notified Once Your Energy Is Low, And Once It Is Low Enough, You Will Have The Choice To Sleep And Start The Next Day.
• Interactions:
Not Necessarily A Character Stat, But Still Effected By Player Actions. It Determines The Game's Time Of Day.
Essentially, The More Interactions You Make In A Day, The More Time Has Passed. It Is Reset Everyday.
• Reputation:
Positive And Negative Alignment Based On Your Choices In Game. Some May Be Good, Others Not So Much.
The Same Person May Say Different Things To You Depending On Your Level Of Reputation.
• Npc Affinity:
Some Of The Npc's In Your Class Are Students You Can Bond With. These While Bonding, These Npc's Will Give You A Variety Of Things.
Their Affinity With You Is Displayed When Interacted With. You May Talk And Battle With Them Daily, And Will Be Able To Unlock Future Interactions As Well.
• Schooling System:
You Are At An Academy With Your Own Dorm Room. You Are Expected To Complete Homework On Time And Attend Class Monday - Friday.
Failure To Do So Will Result In A Detention. Getting Enough Detentions And Skipping Detentions Skipped Will Ultimately Lead To Your Expulsion.
• Save Through Sleep:
You Are Only Able To Save The Game When You Sleep And Start A New Day, Not When You Want!
This Feature Is To Force You To Think About Your Choices Because There Is No Going Back And Redoing, Unless You're Willing To Forfeit A Days Worth Of Progress.


v8.5.1 Hotfix Update!
  • Mortis the Vice Principal has been introduced and now has his own office!
  • New Role has been added! Entering the Gambler! Instructor is located in the New Dawn Bar! Ready to win big!?
  • Slight Improvements to overall Dynamax related sprites.
  • In Battle, the UI when pressing Shift has been updated.
  • Bugs were fixed including the following game-breaking ones: kicking move crash, DA/Black Market crash, Dragon Darts crash when it finds no target, and Magic Bounce shenanigans. Certain moves such as Muddy Water and Leaf Tornado will no longer crit all the time.
  • Gambler and Dark Knight's text have been slightly updated.
  • Some things were rebalanced, including Pokémon and some Role Instructors.
  • A Wishing Piece exchange system was added for unlucky people who only need one Mega Stone from Dynamax Adventure.
  • Players will now gain Dark Aura in the Black Market.
  • Some item/move descriptions were made more accurate too.
  • Grammar. Again.

v8.5 - Anniversary Update!
  • Hail has been converted to its Gen 9 counterpart: Snow.
  • Three professional move tutors (one of which can be found at the Battle Club) have been added to the game and some miscellaneous one.
  • Several Pokémon have been rebalanced, which includes many buffs and a few nerfs.
  • Some sprites have been revamped
  • Many brand new moves and abilities were created for the above reason.
  • Partner Pikachu and Partner Eevee have been reworked entirely.
  • Combee, Salandit and Lechonk now have species specific items (similar to Light Ball.) They are rarely held by wild individuals; so, you can get them by using Thief or Covet. Note: that Lechonk is currently unavailable.
  • Paradox pokemons now have their respective Paradox Abilities (Protosynthesis and Quark Drive), players who have obtained Paradox Pokemons in previous updates may use an ability patch to change to these abilities for their Paradox Pokemon.
  • Ruination Pokemon have also received their respective Ruination Abilities (Beads of Ruin, Sword of Ruin, Tablets of Ruin, Vessel of Ruin).
  • Ability Patch can now revert Hidden Abilities and Instructor taught Abilities to the primary ability of a Pokemon.
  • Maxwell's Neferpitou regains its cape at the end of battle, for previous contest winners.
  • Role Abilities are kept at the end of Mega-Evolution (the Pokémon will revert to the specific ability instead of defaulting to its natural one.) Roles were rebalanced to reflect that change.
  • Several bugs were fixed, including Bank interest issues.
  • The Insanity Room was moved to Mind Asylum after a revamp of the New Dawn.
  • Pokemon Storage space was extended by ten boxes.

• Adjusted Max Overworld Spawns from 10 to 15.
• Made random encounters a 5% chance instead of 0%.
• Players who have defeated born and didnt get the academy monarch outfit may now obtain it through him.
• Adjusted Suza sprite.
• Removed Ruination Pokemon from Dynamax Adventures.
• Fixed all Softlocking events (Akiza and Esrever in dorms).
• Fixed Halloween Center and Elisia battle club Loops.
• Fixed Intelligence stat not displaying properly in pause menu.
• Fixed Mage outfit sprite being off in battles.
• Fixed Partners staying with you after D-Rank quest part 2.
• Fixed Dynamax Pokemon with items Crash.
• Minor bug fixes.


Previous Version v8.5

Previous Version v8.1

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Pokemon Pathways (Rpgxp Fangame) Download

Pokemon Pathways (Rpgxp Fangame) Download

Pokemon Pathways (Rpgxp Fangame) Download

Pokemon Pathways (Rpgxp Fangame) Download

Pokemon Pathways (Rpgxp Fangame) Download

Pokemon Pathways (Rpgxp Fangame) Download
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