Pokemon Emerald Cross (v2.0.4) (GBA) Download

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Pokemon Emerald Cross

Latest Version: v2.0.4

Last Updated: October 23, 2023

Pokemon Emerald Cross (GBA) Download


• Name: Pokemon Emerald Cross
• Creator: Jaizu
• Type: GBA
• Hack Off: Emerald
• Status: Completed
• Language: English

Pokemon Emerald Cross Is A Completed GBA Rom Hack Of Pokemon Emerald Made By Jaizu. It Was Available To Download In English Language. It Was Last Updated On October 23, 2023.

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• Expanded Options:
- Hp Bar Speed
- Exp Bar Speed
- Faster Text Printer
- Unit System (Metrical/imperial)
- Fishing Style (Emerald Vs Fr)
- Overworld Match Calls (On/off)
- Battle Intro (On/off) (It Disables Battle Intro Sliding Anims)
- Font (Emerald/frlg)

• Surf/bike Music (On/off)
• Bag Sorting
• Running Indoors
• Auto-run (Press R In The Overworld). This Also Applies To Surfing
• Expanded Pockets
• Battle Message When Someone From Your Team Picks Up An Item
• Infinite Tms: This Also Changes The Rare Pick Up Items, Replacing Tms By Heart Scale, Moon Stone And Sun Stone
• New Summary Screen, It Includes:
- Brand New Ui, Close To The One From Pokémon Dp/pt
- Arrows To Indicate Which Nature Stats
- Name For Region And Location For Traded Mons (Fr/lg/rse/colosseum And Xd)
- Flavor Text
- Characteristics Text
- Fateful Encounter Indicator
- Check Ivs And Evs (Beat The Elite 4 To Unlock This Feature)

• Cuttable Trees Don't Reappear After Being Cut Down
• Breakable Rocks Don't Reappear After Being Smashed
• Soot Sack Tells You How Much You Collected You Can Always Forget Hm Moves
• You Can Mount/unmount Your Current Bike When Pressing L In The Overworld
• Fast Speed While Diving, Even Faster With Autorun On
• Reusable Repels
• FRLG/DP+ White Out Money Calculation
• Increased Max Money To 9999999
• Use Select To Swap Mons In The Party Menu
• Steven's Beldum That Is Given To The Player Has It's Trainer Id And Name On It (Edited)



• Fixed Hidden Power having issues with its type and move category.
• Added Wiki, Mago, and Aguav berries as potential gifts from Kiri in Sootopolis City.


• Fixed the Quiz Lady (and probably some other stuff in Pokemon Centers too)


• Fixed Banette sprite.
• Fixed vanilla bug related to Factory Mon. 
• Fixed exp share when you only have one pokemon.
• Fixed visual bug in the  summary screen.


Bug Fixes

• Wrong Money Amount In The Battle Message.
• Buildings And Parts Of The Map Breaking In Other Times Of The Day/looking Very Bad.
• Match Call Option Description.
• Follower In Rusturf Tunnel.

New Features:

• Sleep Mode. Press L R Select To Sleep, Selec Start To Wake Up. Only Works In Real Hardware, Not In Emulators!




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Pokemon Emerald Cross (GBA) Download

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