Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)

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Pokemon Atlas Emerald

Latest Version: v1.0q

Last Updated: January 14, 2024

Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)


  • Name: Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)
  • Creator: CAulin
  • Type: GBA
  • Hack Off: Fire Red
  • Status: Completed!
  • Language: English

Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World) Is A Completed GBA Rom Hack Of Pokemon Fire Red Made By CAulin. It Was Available To Download In English Language. It Was Last Updated On January 14 , 2024.

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Atlas Emerald mod is an expanded modification from Emerald Final Deluxe (Version 7.41) from dearman4.

It's a simple mod to achieve something I always wanted in a gen3 Pokemon rom hack.

The major change in this mod is the addition of Kanto, Johto and Sevii Island Regions as explorable areas (The new maps use the Tileset already in Emerald).

The Wild encounters in Hoenn changed to acommodate better the split to other Regions inclusion.

I did a revamp in graphics to look similar to ORAS artstyle, changed overworld sprites, trainer front and backsprites, Badges and etc. I used some sprites from HGSS, did ones myself and others I found online by talented people as well (kudos to hyo_oppa, love your work). This is a personal project that I'm sharing to hopefully make people happy!!!

The Pokenav Trainers in Match Calls are modified to be notable characters, gym leaders, protagonists, elite four members, champions and villains.


  • 4 Regions [Hoenn, Johto, Kanto & Sevii Islands].
  • Choose From 9 Starters.
  • The Major Change In This Mod Is The Addition Of Kanto, Johto And Sevii Island Regions As Explorable Areas (The New Maps Use The Tileset Already In Emerald). 
  • The Wild Encounters In Hoenn Changed To Accommodate Better The Split To Other Regions Inclusion. 
  • The Pokenav Trainers In Match Calls Are Modified To Be Notable Characters, Gym Leaders, Protagonists, Elite Four Members, Champions And Villains. 
  • Kanto And Johto Are Kind Of Semi-open World.
  • You Need Surf To Access Sevii Islands.
  • Fly Is Only Usable To Fast Travel To Hoenn Towns/Cities. 
  • There's A Fast Travel Between Saffron City (Kanto) And Goldenrod City (Johto) - Train Station.
  • First Gyms Leaders In Kanto And Johto Have Similar Stats From Wattson, Because The Regions Can Be Visited When Reach In Slateport. 
  • Exp Share.
  • Play To Find Out More! 

The New Regions Are Accessible From:

  • Kanto - Boat In Slateport To Vermillion City.
  • Johto - Boat In Lylicove Port To Olivine City.
  • Sevii - Boats In Cianwood Port.


  • Updated all Pokenav trainers (teams, levels and items). Characters. – Kanto region.
  • Johto region.
  • Sevii Islands.
  • New graphics (overworld sprites, backsprites, colorful emblems, etc.).
  • Pokenav prank call trainers.



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Previous Version v0.9y






Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)

Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)

Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)

Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)

Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)

Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)

Pokemon Atlas Emerald (Emerald Final World)


  1. Been playing and just got to Kanto from Slateport. Diglett's Cave looks rather messed up, just so you know.

  2. 4 Regions Man Just Amazing

  3. This is just Emerald Final. Emerald Final World was fake. Dk why they do this?!

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