Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download

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Pokemon Nebula

Latest Version: v1.1

Updated On: March 30, 2023

Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download


  • Name: Pokemon Nebula
  • Creator: Mr. Paradox
  • Type: Rpgxp
  • Language: English
  • Credits: Link!

Pokemon Nebula Is An Rpgxp Fan Game Made By Mr. Paradox. It Was Available To Download In English Language. It Was Last Updated On March 30, 2023.

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Which Emulator To Use?

For Mobile: Use JoiPlay Emulator With Required Plugins
For PC: PC Doesn't Required Any Emulator Just Run The File.

How To Play?

Follow The Following Steps To Play This Game
1. First Download The Game.
2. Extract the Game File Inside your Internal Storage.
[Note - Game Will Not Work If You Will Extract The Game File In External Sd Card Or Memory Card]
3.Download And Install JoiPlay Emulator.
[Note - JoiPlay Emulator Is Available On Google Play Store]
4. Download and Install the RPG Maker Plugin For JoiPlay.
[Note - Plugin's Are Also Available On Google Play Store Specially For JoiPlay By the Same Company]
5. After Downloading All Above Mentioned Stuff, Open The JoiPlay Emulator And Click On the Plus [+] Button on the Bottom Right Of The Emulator. Fill up the Details, the Only Entry that Actually Matters is “Executable”. Select the Game.exe File in the Main Game's Folder.
6. Long Press the Icon, and Click Decrypt Files. Follow Instructions Then Restart the App.
7. Press the Game's Icon you Just Made.
All Set Enjoy The Game.

[My Recommendation If You Don't Understand The Above Steps == Watch A Video On How To Play Fan Game Or Rpgxp Game In JoiPlay Emulator On YouTube]


Attention all pokemon veterans,this is not a drill,i repeat this is not a drill,this game will test your skills as a pokemon trainer and here's why you should be prepared.After the events that happened in alola region, Kanto 2.0 was constructed as an extension to the old Kanto,You're gonna meet a lot of similar faces and an old rival but don't be fooled,the challenges are much more difficult than before and here is the kicker,all the evil teams you faced before in official previous games are in an organization called "unity" to conquer the world (BTW:this is not rainbow rocket script,it's an entirely bigger scale and more terrorising than before,so as you see trainer,your job isn't just becoming a champion but also making sure your world doesn't fall apart.


  • Gen 1 To 8 Pokemon.
  • New Region (Sample Region) & New Story.
  • Choose From 24 Starters.
  • Mega Evolution.
  • Following Pokemon.
  • Play As Hilbert Or Hilda (Gen 5 Characters).
  • Gen 8 Legendaries Are Available.
  • Movie Scenes.
  • Defeat Many Popular Characters Like Red, Blue, Leaf, Lyra, Hilbert, Alain, Nate, Dawn, N & Many More.
  • Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, Team Plasma, Team Skull & Team Flare As Villains.
  • Alolan Forms.
  • Galarian Forms.
  • Train Your Pokemon Above 100 Levels.
  • Different Difficulty Modes.
  • Side Quests To Make Game More Engaging.
  • Different Outfits For Trainers Is There In The Game.
  • 24/7 Gym: A Gym That You Can Train In Anytime You Want.
  • Gen 5 Style Mapping.



  • Fixed the losing scenario at the dojo event.
  • Rebalanced the sprites.
  • Reduced the file size.
  • Rebalancing the extreme challenges.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Update of new legendary encounters post game.
  • Zarude in route 5.
  • Spectrier in Raven town.
  • Glastrier in Vc mountain.
  • Calyrex in Victory mountain.
  • Regidrago in sand floor.
  • Regieleki in sand floor.
  • Fixed some of the evolutions.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Legendary Pokemon Location After Beating The League.

  • North cave: Mew.
  • Route 2: Celebi.
  • Equinox Cave: Keldeo & Victini.
  • Underwater Cave In East Cave: Diancie.
  • Galactik Hideout: Magearna
  • Plasma Hideout: Melmetal
  • Raven town (cemetary): Marshadow
  • Route 6 (sand floor): Regigigas
  • Pyro cave in Blazing city: Heatran
  • Route 7: Zacian & Zamazenta after beating the ultimate challenge in Pokemon League
  • Drago Town: Latias & Latios
  • Victory Road: Shaymin
  • VC cave A: Volcanion
  • VC Cave c (Cave c): Hoopa

Custom Evolution In The Game.

Alolan Evolutions
  • RATTATA will evolve at night level 20.
  • SANDSHREW will evolve with icestone.
  • VULPIX will evolve with icestone.
  • DIGLETT will evolve at level 26.
  • MEOWTH will evolve with increasing happiness.
  • GEODUDE will evolve same as original GEODUDE.
  • GRIMER will evolve same as original GRIMER.

Galarian Evolution.
  • MEOWTH will evolve at level 40.
  • PONYTA will evolve at level 40.
  • Mr.MIME will evolve at level 42.
  • CORSOLA will evolve at level 38.
  • ZIGZAGOON will evolve at level 20.
  • LINOONE will evolve at level 35 at night.
  • DARUMAKA will evolve with icestone.
  • YAMASK will evolve at level 40.
  • Milcery will evolve at level 20.
  • Snom will evolve with increasing happiness at night.
  • Clobbopus will evolve after learning taunt.
  • KUBFU will evolve at level 35 (day Single Strike Style) (night Rapid Strike Style).

Trade Evolution.
  • There are tradestones in department store,stepford town.


  1. Mission: Finding Shinx Location: Rocky Town Summary: a missing shinx needs to be found for his trainer,talk to the trainer's father inside the house to start the mission.
  2. Mission: Fighting mirage pokemon Location: Mirage Cave in Rocky town Summary:A scientist created mirage pokemon and wanted a trainer to face them in combat to see the results.
  3. Mission: Fighting ancient pokemon Location: Relic Lab in Star town Summary:A scientist found 4 different types of galar relic pokemon,fight him and win.
  4. Mission: Finding samples Location: Route 7 Summary: A thief stole some samples and ran away but he didn't go far,your job is to track him down and retrieve the samples back and return to Blazing town,oak's lab to get your reward from your client.

Download Links

 Mediafire  ||  Telegram 



Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download

Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download

Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download

Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download

Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download

Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download

Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download

Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download

Pokemon Nebula (Rpgxp) Fangame Download


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