Pokemon Island (Rpgxp) [Completed] Fangame

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Pokemon Island

Latest Version: v2.1.5

Updated On: April 11, 2023

Pokemon Island Rpgxp Completed Fangame


  • Name: Pokemon Island
  • Creator: FL
  • Type: Rpgxp
  • Language: English/PT-BR
  • Credits: Link!

Pokemon Island Is a comppeted Rpgxp Fan Game Made By FL. It Was Available To Download In English & PT-BR Language. It Was Last Updated On April 11, 2023.

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Which Emulator To Use?

For Mobile: Use JoiPlay Emulator With Required Plugins
For PC: PC Doesn't Required Any Emulator Just Run The File.

How To Play?

Follow The Following Steps To Play This Game
1. First Download The Game.
2. Extract the Game File Inside your Internal Storage.
[Note - Game Will Not Work If You Will Extract The Game File In External Sd Card Or Memory Card]
3.Download And Install JoiPlay Emulator.
[Note - JoiPlay Emulator Is Available On Google Play Store]
4. Download and Install the RPG Maker Plugin For JoiPlay.
[Note - Plugin's Are Also Available On Google Play Store Specially For JoiPlay By the Same Company]
5. After Downloading All Above Mentioned Stuff, Open The JoiPlay Emulator And Click On the Plus [+] Button on the Bottom Right Of The Emulator. Fill up the Details, the Only Entry that Actually Matters is “Executable”. Select the Game.exe File in the Main Game's Folder.
6. Long Press the Icon, and Click Decrypt Files. Follow Instructions Then Restart the App.
7. Press the Game's Icon you Just Made.

[My Recommendation If You Don't Understand The Above Steps == Watch A Video On How To Play Fan Game Or Rpgxp Game In JoiPlay Emulator On YouTube]


This Is A Game With The Main Pokémon RPG Mechanics For The Game Boy And Other Nintendo Systems, But With A Different Approach On Pokémon Island. There Is A New Concept Of Linearity For The Franchise Because Almost Nothing Is Essential To Move Forward, But Still There Are Many Challenges.


Previously The Pokémon Island Was A Island Only Of Pokémon. There Were Very Few People, Most Researchers Like The Notable Professor Oak Who Studied The Pokémon On Island. However, Three Years Ago Has Been Proven The Existence Of Pokémon Mew On The Island.

Because This Was A Very Rare Pokémon, This Attracted A Crowd With Many Trainers Who Sought Mew, So The Island Was Filled With Trainers.

Many Of Them Were Very Skilled And Famous, Others Came In This Island To Challenge Them, The Island Soon Became A Great Meeting Point For Battles Which Led To The Creation Of Many Tournaments Which Also Brought Many Viewers.

Many Things Happened In The Last Three Years, Has Created A Great Battle Place: The Colosseum And The Trainers Were Classified According The Victories There.

Many New Pokémon Were Discovered On The Island, Others Were Released By Other Trainers, And Some Even Went To Stores. Most Were Discovered By Explorers Living In Places Never Visited Before. Some Places Are Created To Increase The Diversity Of Pokémon That Grew More And More.

And This Is The Story Of This Place, Pokémon Island.


  • Pokemon From Gen 1 To 9.
  • A Total Of 1008 Pokemon To Catch & Train.
  • All 27 Starters Are Available.
  • Mega Evolution.
  • Hisuian Forms.
  • Paldean Forms.
  • Exp Share All.
  • Nuzlocke Mode.
  • 12+ Characters To Choose.
  • Different Itmes Instead Of HMs.
  • HMs Will Work Inside The Battle But Not Outside.
  • Estimated 20 to 40 Hours Of Game Content.
  • A Lot Of Post Game Events.
  • Colosseum Is There In The Game Instead Of Gyms & Elite Four.
  • There Is No Real Time Clock System.
  • Trainer Simulator.
  • PokeDex With Habitat And Counting Owned Pokemon.

Download Links

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