Pokemon Emerald Rogue

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Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Latest Version: v1.3.2a

Updated On: January 03, 2024

Pokemon Emerald Rogue


  • Name: Pokemon Emerald Rogue
  • Creator: PokeAbbie
  • Type: GBA
  • Hack Off: Emerald
  • Language: English
  • Source: PokeCommunity

Pokemon Emerald Rogue is a completed gab rom hack of Pokemon emerald made by PokeAbbie. It was available to download in english language. It was last updated on January 03, 2024.

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  • Randomly chosen routes
  • Procedural items, trainers & wild encounters
  • Hub area with unlockable buildings/NPCs
  • Character customisation
  • Multiple game config settings e.g. prevent over levelling, trainer difficulty, double battle mode
  • Seeded mode, with individual config settings (useful for multiplayer races)
  • Quest & reward system to guide you and see how you handle different challenges
  • Rare legendary encounters
  • Mart and Move tutor contents change as you progress
  • Safari zone allows you to capture mons you have previously used on runs and use them as the "starter" mon
  • Post-game settings (Can be accessed early if you can find the secret room 👀)

Change Log 

Balance patch which includes some minor tweaks, some community suggested features and some hot fixes

  • Added popup to safari areas to announce the types available in a sub area
  • Safari will display a greyed out pokeball in battle if the mon is not currently caught in party or PC
  • Added much requested quest to complete a run with only shiny mons… you’re all crazy 😉 (Swapped reward  with “Apotheosis”)
  • Added method to get combined forms in hub (New reward for Apotheosis; can be used to get Zygarde forms too)
  • Added warning popup if your partner can't evolve with the current settings
  • Hall of Fame will now include fainted mons (Will indicate which mons have fainted by having them appear in a darker colour)
  • Improved mon selection for “untyped” boss trainers
  • Shedinja no longer requires a spare pokeball to evolve (It will just inherit the Nincada’s ball, as it was in gen3)
  • Added some community suggested charms/curses (Priority & Endure)
  • Added some community suggested phrases (New NPCs added around the Hub)
  • Balanced some charms/curses
  • Strength charm/curse effectiveness has been doubled
  • Discount charm/curse now changes by 40%
  • Flinch curse now matches 10% chance to flinch
  • Crit charm now will now only increase by 1 stage per charm (Previously the first charm gave 2 stages)
  • Adjusted Lab curse rate (Slightly less likely earlier into a run, slightly more likely late into a run)

  • Fixed being able to encounter water encounters on Johto route
  • Fixed some routes not saying “Caught in ADVENTURE” in the description for mons
  • Fixed “Fire Master” not unlocking Fire Memory in shop
  • Fixed the truck sprite glitching when entering shop screen
  • Added icon for Calyrex
  • Fixed groudon being able to appear on Maxie's team even if it isn't available in the regional dex
  • Encounter preview sprites will remember their states between reloading REST saves
  • Fixed some mons not being classified correctly for legendary clause (e.g. Crown Zacian)
  • Tweaked save data to make future storage more optimal
  • Fixed "Mystery Man" quest not always being marked as complete
  • Fixed issue with trainer card not displaying stars correctly
  • Fixed Low BST mode not calculating forms changes correctly (e.g. Wishiwashi; ditto is unaffected by this change)
  • Fixed Everstone curse not affecting “level up whilst xyz” style evolutions (This also comes with the added difficulty of locking out specific evos based on ordering if the curse is active)
  • Speculative fix for some overworld reflection palettes breaking
  • Fixed Shed skin charm triggering ability popup
  • Wild mon held items will now not appear if the items are not active with the current dex settings (Will also prevent mons from holding banned items such as Revives)
  • Fix for duplicate mons of different forms appearing in trainer parties
  • Fixed mega evo and zmoves sometimes not both being usable in the same battle
  • Fixed some softlock spots
  • Fixed a few typos

Download Links

(EX Version)
 Mediafire  ||  Mega 

(Vanilla Version)
 Mediafire  ||  Mega 

[Previous v1.3.2]

 Mediafire  ||  Mega 

Version Difference 

Expanded (EX)

This is the recommended version
This version contains modern improvements e.g. new battle items, abilities, fairy type, physical/special split etc.
(This is based on RH-Hideout's Emerald Expansion *Many thanks to all involved ❤)


Just standard Pokemon Emerald battle mechanics with no changes other than those mentioned in Subtle Changes from base game



Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Pokemon Emerald Rogue
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